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#CastYourVote 4 GH11 Listeners Choice : Kevin Vasser – Only You Can Deliver

GH11 Listeners Choice

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Chicago’s Kevin Vasser is now part of the Malaco Records family, and the first product of the partnership is the radio-friendly single, “Only You Can Deliver.”

Vasser opens the leisurely tempo number by singing with the intimate but intense passion of a man locked in the prayer room.  “Lord, I’m crying out to you,” he entreats, and the background vocalists respond in empathy. DeWayne Woods joins Vasser and together they make the supplication public, reminding the listener that only the Lord “can deliver.”

Vasser is director of worship and arts at Fellowship Missionary BaptistChurch in Chicago, where Rev. Charles Jenkins is pastor and Rev. Dr. Clay Evans is Pastor Emeritus. Malaco anticipates a full project by Vasser this year.