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#BeWellWednesday Digital Resolutions For Teens & Children



Distracted-walking-endangers-teenagers-2R260431-x-largeHave you noticed that more and more people these days tend to walk with their heads bent over a handheld device, or are driving while holding a cell phone to one ear? While these devices have enriched many of our lives, could some of us be at risk of becoming too dependent on them—and of forgetting about interacting face to face with others?

Our children are growing up with these devices as routine parts of their lives. Here are some resolutions you might consider for your children (and maybe yourself) as we go forth in 2013. They address the appropriate use of these electronic devices.

Today, we shared with you some “Digital Resolutions”. Click here to read them and share below your own “Digital Resolution” as well as what you think about the ones shared today!