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#BeWellWednesday The Dangers of Posting Photos Online


Stories of people’s online photos being used for nefarious purposes are easy to find.

When you post photos online, you could be revealing your location.

The convenience of sharing photos with friends (and non-friends) through social networking sites and blogs is undeniable. Unfortunately, so are the dangers. Not only can photos be stolen and used by strangers, but many photos, especially those taken by phones or devices with GPS technology, contain tags that reveal exactly where the photos were snapped. In other words, if a parent takes a photo of his or her child playing at home and then posts it online, it’s possible for strangers to know exactly where they live.

Today we share with you a few simple steps that can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim, and there’s no need to give up photo-sharing altogether just some steps everyone should take to protect themselves and their families when posting photos online:

Read more at http://news.yahoo.com/dangers-posting-photos-online-141439630.html (Yahoo News)

Source:  Yahoo News

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