Home Shows "The RIde Home" w/ RadioRobyn @RadioRobyn chats with #HeatherMartin of @VirtueGirls (April, 2016)

@RadioRobyn chats with #HeatherMartin of @VirtueGirls (April, 2016)


@RadioRobyn chats with Heather Martin, the youngest of the ladies Virtue! She shares about the origins of their latest single “Miracle”, the beginnings of the ladies that call themselves Virtue and some of the happenings during their ten year hiatus. She talks about how the songs on the project contribute to the album title “Fearless”, and shares her prayer for how she hopes the music will impact the listener. “Fearless” by Virtue is in stores and on digital outlets everywhere! Follow them on Twitter & IG @VirtueGirls and visit their website for all things Virtue @ www.virtuegirls3.com/.

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